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Dan Arkle BSc DSA ADI
Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor


Learning to Drive and the Driving Test

Learning to drive usually takes over 40hrs of tuition. Some people take more, and some take less. I will never give more lessons than are needed. Click here to find out what I will teach you.

The Theory test

This is a computer based test with two parts:

  • The first is a series of multiple choice questions about driving and the Highway Code. You must get more than 43/50 correct to pass.
  • The second section is about Hazard Perception. Video clips are played and you must click the mouse when a hazard (dangerous situation) develops.

You need to get at least 44 marks out of 75 to pass.

Both sections must be passed at the same time. There is approximately a two week waiting list for the test which can be booked with the DSA. It costs £25 to take the theory test.

I can help you with any difficult questions and help you practice for the Hazard Perception Test.

The Practical Test

This involves driving around a set route as you would normally drive. The route involves all types of roads and you will be asked to do one manoeuvre (out of a possible four).

You will only fail if you disobey the rules of the road, or cause a dangerous situation. This is called a Serious Fault. It is also possible to fail by accumulating more than 15 Driver Faults which are minor mistakes, although this is much less likely to happen.

More details can be found on 2Pass.co.uk

I can give in depth help with both the theory and the practical tests, including mock tests-practice tests just like the real thing.

Click here to find out what I will teach you during your driving lessons.

Click here for more questions and answers.

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